Saturday, October 9, 2010

Today I'm loving...

... the Balmain Spring 2011 collection. Balmain managed to put together a kick ass collection once again, which is pretty impressive considering how great their last collections have been.

I love the silhouttes and the use of all the red, which looks great. And I've decided to splurge on a quite expensive leather jacket I've been eyeing after all, after seeing pics from this collection. If leather jackets will be good enough for Balmain next spring, they should be for me too!

(pics from


  1. Hi there-fab collection, love the cropped trousers in different patterns!

  2. Balmain is always amazing!

  3. So divine! Is it wrong that I'm also head over heels for that first haircut?

  4. Yes! Balmain! Always Balmain! Such gorgeous and funky stuff.

    Love it!