Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sometimes you find inspiration in the weirdest places..

... and I say weird for two reasons:
1. I think Oprah seems great, but I have honestly only seen parts of her show once, so my knowledge on her is very limited (which is quite shameful considering how huge she is, I know!)
2. I have only visited once. And that was today.

And you know what? On my first visit to this site, I found a really inspirational pic, of this gorgeous Klein blue tunic. I just love it!
And the accessories are perfect too!

So hey, maybe I should visit Oprah's site a bit more often?


  1. What a coinsidince...I put a "blue" post on my blog. haha!

  2. My grandmother adores Oprah, and I've never seen an episode! Granted, I'm not usually home for daytime TV, but it seems like this wildly influential woman really does know what she's talking about!