Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Sometimes I honestly get annoyed with myself over the silly, useless things I crave.

Like, who actually needs a Smythson passport cover...

and camera case?
Even though they are awfully cute and would really cheer me up on airports (which I hate! I don't mind flying at all but waiting in line for hours and hours at airports sucks!)...


  1. Sure, we don't need Smythson passport covers and camera cases, but they sure make flying feel much more glamorous!

  2. i think i actually need that passport cover! I use mine at least every two weeks living in europe and i always loose it! the bright pink would help..but i know what you mean i always covet fabulous little things that are practical but that i would actually never really need haha

  3. I'm so with you -- airports are the worst places in the world. But traveling is the greatest thing in the world so I suppose it's a fair payoff.

    Cute passport cover!


  4. Haha I agree those are really cute, it can actually make you feel a lit bit more glamorous when you travel :)
    By the way thanks for having stopped by my blog ^^