Friday, September 13, 2013

My new scarves

I've always liked traveling (and I am going on a trip - to Paris! - in less than a week, yay!), and I think that's why I have always liked maps as well, they do symbolize travel for me somehow.

Lately, I have been attracted to map prints of all kinds, but the only map print items I have actually gotten around to buying are these two scarves, with a world map print on them:
This one comes in a grey color scale
and this one has a multi color color scale, with blue seas, just like the world actually does have!

I am really looking forward to getting these 2 Ebay finds, so let's hope they get here soon!

(the images are from the Ebay auctions in question)


  1. Oh clever you, I am never very successful on ebay auctions.....just once though I did get a Hermes scarf for £10! Enjoy Paris xx p.s. Love for you to check out my blog xx

  2. Hi there! wow, these are so different-very stylish and unique looking, they will look gorgeous on! Have a good weekend xx

  3. I lovethe map of the world scarf. It's so pretty;-)