Thursday, September 26, 2013

Chanel in Paris

One of the brands you are bound to bump into when you go to Paris is of course Chanel. There is really a lot of Chanel stuff everywhere, like at the Galeries Lafayette, where they have their own Chanel department.
I also went to the Rue de Cambon store, of course, here are some pictures of that:

I did not, however, buy any Chanel items while in Paris, as I simply did not have time to go shopping that much, except for some beauty items. And the Rue de Cambon store was actually closed when I was in the area. But it is still really nice to just window shop too, and as I definitely plan to go back to Paris soon, I do hope I will have time to do some shopping at Chanel then. My current Chanel collection is definitely way too small!

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