Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What to pack for a cruise

So, I am finally going on my cruise, and since I had a hard time finding tips on what to pack for a cruise when I tried to plan that, I thought I'd share some of the things I ended up packing myself:
A brand new pair of Havaianas, because what else are you going to wear by the pool and on the beach on the islands?
A travel set with small travel sizes of skin care products, since I think a vacation is an excellent time to try new beauty products. These are from Paul and Joe.
Books, because I simply cannot go on holiday without having stuff to read.
My new bathing suits and cover ups that I have already mentioned here, from Freya.
A track suit, because I intend to hit the gym since I have a feeling I will be eating more than usual on the cruise. This one is pink, and from H&M.
A bunch of new clothes, because I think it is always more fun to go on vacation if you have something new to wear, even if you intend to buy new stuff on the vacation as well.

Of course I packed some more boring things as well, like my camera, laptop and some basic clothing items, but oh well, those are so obvious I won't bore you with them.

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  1. Oh I thought i recognised Paul and Joe, the whale cosmetic pouch is adorable. Hope you have fun!