Friday, February 24, 2012

Planning my next trip

Travelling is so much fun, and even though my last trip ended just a little while ago, I love travelling so much, I am already planning my next trip, as well as reading hotel reviews, travel agent reviews and so on.
The only problem is I haven't really decided for sure where I should go on my next, long trip.

Some of the options I am considering are:
Singapore, because I really want to visit the awesome hotel Marina Bay Sands, partly because of the hotel itself (spectacular!) and partly because of the amazing roof top pool they have.

Fiji, because it just seems like paradise, or another island in the area.
Sydney, Australia, because my friend used to live there and she told me so many good things about this city. And the rest of Australia doesn't seem too shabby either!
Hawaii, because... well, who wouldn't want to go to Hawaii?
So if any of you readers have been to any of these places, I would love to hear from you! Maybe you have some tips to share or some fun stories to tell about your own visits?

Hope everyone has a great weekend, by the way!

(all photos are from Wikipedia)

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