Saturday, February 18, 2012

My favorite scents right now

Before I went on my holiday I almost ran out of perfume, so I decided to do some tax free shopping for scents while travelling. While I love shopping online for most things, scents is not one of them, at least not new scents, since I think it is a must to try the scent in person before you buy it. And this goes for scents recommended to you by your friends and other people you know too, since scents are highly personal, and I for one do not like all the scents my friends wear.

Some of the scents I discovered I really liked and decided to get are:
Prada Candy - a lovely scent if you like sweet perfumes. Prada rocks when it comes to perfumes too! Recommended, especially for those who like the scent Pink Candy (I do!), this scent is pretty similar, but more upscale.

Peony from L Occitane, which is a real favorite brand of mine, both when it comes to scents and other things. This is one of their newer scents that I hadn't tried before, and I am so glad I decided to give it a try. It's nice and fruity and very summery. A great choice for everyone who loves flower scents, and only that!

Island Paradise by Tommy Bahama, which is a lesser known scent, but actually a really fun and flirty summer scent, which is of course perfect for island vacations as you may expected. Highly recommended if you are into tropical scents!

But besides these rather mainstream perfumes and scents, I am actually leaning more towards more unusual and personal scents, that you won't catch others wearing. So at the moment I am looking into smaller perfume companies, like Harvey Prince, who sell top women fragrances for all kinds of women. So if anyone knows of some smaller perfume companies, I would be happy to get some recommendations. (This also goes for companies who allow you to try to mix your own scents, this is something I have been wanting to try for the longest time already)

(the pic is from Harvey Prince)

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