Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Today I'm loving...

... leggings. Or actually that's not true. Because I love them pretty much every day. They are so comfy and as long as you wear them right, they can look so good too.
But when wearing leggings, I have to say there are two important things to keep in mind:
1. Always cover your behind with a top, cardigan or tunic. Leggings are NOT pants, so you can't wear the same tops you would wear if you were wearing real pants either.
2. Only get leggings in neutrals. I know they make patterned ones and all kinds of fun stuff now too, but leggings only look good in neutrals if you ask me. I personally only wear black and denim ones. (I do have a dark grey pair too, but I rarely wear that pair)
I have to admit there are occasions where leggings are not the best choice though, since it is kind of hard to make them very formal. But for every day wear they are definitely great, if accessorized right.


  1. I LOVE leggings!!!! The only thing is i never wear them with a shirt that doesn't cover my butt lol


  2. So agree. At first I was against leggings just b/c of the whole ass coverage thing, but now they are a closet essential for me!