Sunday, November 6, 2011

How anyone can get their dream wardrobe (yes really!)

We all dream of stuff we want to have in our wardrobe. At least if we are at all interested in fashion. But getting there seems hard, because most of us have more expensive taste than we would like. I know this problem well, I always tend to crave only the most expensive things. And while this is annoying, there are things to be done about it.

I believe everyone can get their dream wardrobe, it is just a matter of planning for it, and being patient.

This is why it is extremely important for your dream wardrobe to consist of things that you know you will like for a lot of years, and not just now. Most of our dream pieces are so expensive that we have to justify getting them by knowing that we will wear them for more than one season, preferrably for a lot of years.

So how do you go about getting your dream wardrobe? Here are my best tips:

Save for it
Boring, I know, but it works. I have saved up for many of my dream pieces, and I honestly think it made me appreciate them more when I finally got them. Plus, saving for items for a while gives you the chance to think about if you really, really want them or not.

I know it can seem hard to save up for some, but the good thing about saving is that it gets easier, the more you do it. And no-one says you have to save a lot. Save what you can (I personally save all my change, and while that sounds weird to some, it does add up!), or set up an automatic savings plan for whatever amount you think you can spare. If you decide not to use the savings for clothing in the end, I am sure you can find some other way to use it instead, so you are really not taking any big chances by doing this.

Plan for purchases
Many dream pieces go on sale. This doesn't always make them cheap, but it does make them slightly more affordable. So if you've always dreamed of a specific piece, see if it ever goes on sale, and if so, when. And then start saving up for the next sale.

Look for sample sales
These used to be available only in London and New York, but these days, you can find them in many more places as well. Plus, there are online sample sales too! So take advantage of that!
Keep an eye on things often
By being in the loop and checking for deals in your favorite stores, on Ebay and in other places, you increase your chances of finding those steals we all dream about. So be active and don't just sit around and wait for the great deals to find you!

Consider vintage and second hand
I have personally found amazing things this way, from Yves Saint Laurent jackets and dresses, Dior handbags and Moschino skirts. Not everything vintage is gross or in bad condition, so this is really worth looking into!
Consider alternatives
If you've always loved the look of the classic Chanel jacket, try to decide how important the label is. These days, you can find many lookalikes as well, in many different price ranges. So don't get too obsessed with labels, consider well done alternatives too.

Have it made
This is a great tip if you travel to countries where tailors are cheap and easy to find. (A lot of Asian countries are amazing when it comes to this)
I save pictures of pieces that I love, but can't afford or can't find anywhere, and when I travel, I try to find a tailor who can make something similar for me, for a fraction of the price!

(pics from Single Minded Women, Well That's Just Me and Amelies)

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