Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thoughts on the H&M The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo line

Being Swedish, I am a huge H&M fan, and most of my wardrobe is from H&M, since I love their basics (which I've basically been wearing all my life), and their cute trendy stuff as well. Their stuff usually mixes well with high end designer pieces, and while you do need to replace the stuff every once in a while, some of it lasts for many, many years as well. (I have a tank top for instance, that I have had for 13 years and still wear! It just fits me perfectly)

But lately, I feel they may have lost the plot. Here are some pics of their latest collection, inspired by The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, which was a great movie in it's original Swedish version, and while the character Lisbet Salander was pretty cool, I am not sure a lot of people would want to dress like her.

Nevertheless, H&M decided to design a whole line inspired by her look, and I must say, I am not very impressed. It just looks like the kind of stuff people who are into punk wear anyway. And a lot of it looks like shrunken men's clothing, to be honest. Since there is already so much stuff like this out there, is it really necessary to create a whole line like this? I would say... no! I really hope H&M goes back to their usual fun and up to date collections after two disastrous ones (the other one being the Versace for H&M one, mentioned here).

What do you think, my dear readers? Does Lisbet Salander deserve a whole line or her own and do you like the look of the clothes?

(pics from Fashionista)

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