Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Another ASOS buy

I've always loved black lace. I don't know why. Perhaps I was a Sicilian widow in a previous life or something? But either way, even though black lace comes and goes in fashion, it's always a good look for me, so I tend to buy pieces with black lace almost every year.

But something I do not have so far is a simple skirt with black lace. So when I saw that ASOS had one on sale, I knew I had to get it.

I'm not sure how often I will use this skirt, my other black lace pieces do not tend to get worn very often either, but I can keep them for years since this material never goes out of style for me, so I still think it is a good long term investment.

(I wore a black lace dress I bought almost 8 years ago just a week ago for instance)

As far as ASOS goes, I know I have really been shopping way too much there lately. I need to find a new favorite online store to bore you with instead!


  1. I have yet to make an Asos purchase but have lots on my wishlist. Even though it never really goes out of style, black lace is so hot right now!

  2. It's such a beautiful skirt - gotta love ASOS!