Saturday, August 20, 2011

Online wedding bells

I went to a wedding this week, that was quite lovely. The bride wore a beautiful gown, and these gorgeous Alexander McQueen shoes:
I was very excited to see these shoes IRL, since I have been drooling over them online for ages now. But that wasn't really the most interesting part of the wedding. Instead, their story was very cute. You see, they met on an online dating site, and I know a lot of people really don't think online dating ever works, but I do. I have seen several examples of it in the past, but this is the first couple that I know personally who actually got married after trying a free online dating site.

So if any of you are still so old fashioned that you think only weird people use these services, and that nothing good ever comes out of them, think again! Sometimes they do end up changing lives too!

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