Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Look I am loving right now

The striped blazer! I think it looks so great on so many people (I ran into a girl wearing a stunning white blazer with blue stripes today), so I am really tempted to buy one.
The thing is, I have never really been a big blazer wearer. I mean, I have some of course, but I rarely wear them. Not even this amazing, vintage YSL blazer I got a few years ago. So I am not sure buying more blazers is the best of ideas. But this look is sooo cute, I find it really hard to resist.

Normally what I would do in a situation like this would be to buy a cheap version of the trend, but the cheapest one I have found so far would cost me around $150 (it's from an online store that charges ridiculous amounts to ship to where I live), so it's still a lot of money if you end up never wearing it.
What do you think about this trend? Love it or hate it? Do any of you readers own a striped blazer? And if so, do you actually wear it?

(pics from In Their Closet, Make Up by Bella and  Stylefrizz)


  1. I like it!! Blake looks gorgeous!!


  2. Love this look, but don't know if a printed blazer would bne too much for me. Blake looks fantastic in hers. You would think Zara would have a version of this, considering all the blazers they've brought out for next season.

  3. Haute World: I actually didn't know that, about Zara having many blazers this season, I need to look into that. Thanks for the tip!