Sunday, August 7, 2011

How to dress well on a small clothing budget

A lot of people I know tell me they wish they could dress better, but that they simply cannot afford it.

I get that. Totally. But being someone who has always loved fashion, I have learned a few tricks that have helped me dress well even on a small budget for years (for instance, when I was studying at university).

Here are some of my best tips:

* Invest in quality when it comes to basics. I buy expensive bags, expensive black pants, expensive every day dresses and underwear, which a lot of people think is crazy, but I know quality when it comes to these pieces (which are used a lot!) will last me for years, making them cheaper in the long run.

* If quality is too expensive for you normally, save up for the sales. There are huge sales, even in designer stores at least twice a year that make the creme de la creme affordable for most of us. Take advantage of that!

* But don't go crazy during the sales! If it doesn't fit your body type or flatter your skin tone, it's not going to make you better dressed even if it was made by Yves Saint Laurent!

* Plan your purchases. Many of us tend to shop for too many of one thing (mine is tops for parties and other special occasions) while forgetting about something else (I never seem to have enough pants, for instance). To avoid wasting your money on duplicates, and impulse buys, always plan what you are going to buy in advance.

* Don't be a slave to fashion. All trends do not suit everyone. Period. So you don't need to try every new fad that you hear of.

* But be open to trying the trend that do suit you. That keeps your style up to date and keeps you looking young too. Just don't overdo it and wear all trends at once!

(pic from Cayen)

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  1. Such terrific advice. My mother taught me to invest in your clothes, and its served me well!