Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Right now....

... I am seriously considering creating a capsule wardrobe. I love the concept, and while I don't think I could part with all of my current stuff, having a capsule wardrobe in a separate place in my closet would make it easier to get dressed in the morning.

But I have to say, putting a capsule wardrobe together seems really hard! I mean, the pieces in it need to be perfect and fit you perfectly, and I have trouble finding a single piece like that some times, let alone a whole wardrobe!
Also, I am not really sure where I should even begin the planning. Maybe with the colors?
Black, white, grey and some splashes of pastels should work I guess?

If any of your readers have any experiences with capsule wardrobes, let me know! All tips regarding this are greatly appreciated!

(pic from Gabrielle Teare)


  1. I have never even heard of that!

  2. I have never heard it before too. :))))

  3. I think capsule wardrobes are fabulous-I have several loose ones in my own closet! I try to keep everything in style groups, and never purchase anything without knowing what to pair it with!

  4. Can't say that i know about this concept, but it sure does sound like a time-saver.. good luck! :)