Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I got started!

Remember how I was considering building a capsule wardrobe a while ago? Well, I went to H&M yesterday, and I kind of got started on it.

I got two pairs of skinny pants (one grey pair, and one black pair), a long, black cardigan, and two pairs of shoes: a red pair, and a grey pair. I also happen to have a similar pair of shoes in black, from last year (that I have barely used, because I forgot I owned them!).
So now I am thinking I need to buy:
- some tops
- some tank tops
- a skirt
- possibly a grey cardigan
- a red handbag (I already have grey and black ones, obviously)

and combine these pieces with a vintage Little Black Dress that I have (but have only used once), and I should have my first capsule wardrobe! I'm kind of exited!

Here are some better pics of the shoes, as well as the cardigan (but in another color), from H&Ms website:


  1. those are beautiful collections my friend..:)


  2. your capsule collection is off to a great start!


  3. I adore the items you got. I might need that cardigan!

  4. Hi! Great items you've chosen :)

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    Good luck :D

  5. This is so exciting! And your choices are just fantastic-very Audrey!