Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My latest purchase

My Celine-wallet has served me well for many, many years already, but I think I have to let her retire now. Not only is she looking tired, I also spilled ketchup (don't ask me how, I usually don't even eat ketchup!) on her fabric exterior, so she really is ruined now.

I can't seem to find a high end wallet that I really love though (I am fairly picky about wallets for some reason, before I got the Celine, I was also looking for years!), so I decided to get this little cute Matthew Williamson for H&M-one on Ebay until I run into the wallet of my dreams.

I love the colors, the Pucci-esque feel of it, and it just makes me smile!

Can't wait for it to arrive!

(the pic is from the Ebay auction in question)


  1. That is really cute, love the design on it!

  2. Beautiful! Great design and colors :)

  3. You're right....very Pucci-esque!! Pretty :)

  4. I love that wallet! The colors are very pretty. I am also very picky about wallets. I always find a super cute one and get so attached to it, that by the time I need a new one, nothing I find is good enough in comparison. Lol. ;)