Monday, May 3, 2010

Today I'm loving...

... a maxi dress again. You see, all my maxi dresses are made of fairly thick fabrics, and I hadn't realized how cute a see-through maxi dress could be, until I saw this Malene Birger silk-chiffon dress that looks just lovely.

I'm seriously thinking about getting this one, but I did promise myself to calm down a bit with the maxi dresses... I have enough already! (But not a see-through one! ...yet!)


  1. Beatiful dress: I love everything about it. The cut, the fabric, the way it looks on the body.You can never go wrong with black, but I wish I could see the same in white and perhaps some jeweled colors too. :-)))

  2. Love this! The simplicity, color and delicate fabric make it so versatile and you can easily adapt it for both day and eveningwear. I think you should get it ;-)

  3. Amazing dress.

  4. I love Malene Birger creations...this dress is lovely too...

    Cheers: Evi

  5. so pretty and perfect for hot summer days b/c it's sheer. love it.