Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I'm back!

So I am back from Barcelona now, and while the trip itself was AMAZING, I didn't do too much shopping (I was only there for a few days and I wanted to go sightseeing instead). But that's okay, a lot of new, really cool stuff can be found in online stores anyway.

Like the J. Crew collection for Net-a-Porter! I love it!

I seriously need to get at least a few of these pieces! Does anyone know anything about the sizing of J. Crew items?


  1. I know! Isn't it great J.Crew is selling at Net-A-Porter? Now I don't have to move to America to get my J.Crew-fix. I saw the most beautiful J. Crew satin ballerinas! To die for!

  2. Hello J, welcome back!
    Thanks for dropping in on my last post, I agree with you on Kate Winslet being a mite boring, a good person she might be, but she mostly looks like someone's granny, she also dresses like a granny sometimes...

    Glad you agree with me, it seems like most readers like her...haha...

    Have a lovely day.


  3. Så morrosomt! Jeg er også tilbake fra Barcelona;) Likte den rosa cardiganen også.