Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another maxi dress

The move is going well so far, half of the stuff is done, but some important things (such as moving all the small pieces and bits besides the furniture) are still to be done (movers are coming to take care of that tomorrow though!)...

So I thought I deserved a break. I spent it drooling over pretty things I plan to get for the new place, and over this dress from the Alice by Alice Temperley diffusion line. I think this would look great with a big floppy hat and some cool bangles!

(the pic is from Fab Sugar)


  1. Hy! Thabks for the comment! Nice dress, hope you get it. I'm also gping to be moving and I don't even want to think about it! :))

    Have a fun day


  2. I love that dress!! GORGEOUS!!

  3. I am forever obsessed with maxis. That is SO pretty!

  4. ohhh i love the first tank.. the color is gorgeous!!