Friday, December 12, 2014

Shopped: Sweaters at La Redoute

When I lived in my native Sweden, I used to shop at La Redoute, a French mail order company, quite often. I am a big fan of the French and their sense of fashion, so I actually really missed being able to shop at La Redoute after I moved away from Sweden. This is why I was thrilled to see that La Redoute actually do ship to the country where I now live these days (I am pretty sure this did not use to be the case), so of course I had to order something immediately after noticing this.

I settled on some sweaters, having noticed recently that I simply do not have enough pretty ones, so I really needed a couple of new ones anyway. I liked what La Redoute themselves call a fisherman sweater, in grey and navy blue, so I got that.

I think this will look great with blue jeans!

I am also a big fan of owls, and my sister in law actually has the cutest owl sweater, that I would love to get as well, but by the time I discovered that I wanted her sweater, it was long sold out, so that is just not going to happen. That is why it was great to see a cute owl sweater over at La Redoute too:

They have this sweater in both black and ivory, but I decided to start by getting the black one. If that one is nice, I might get the ivory one too.

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