Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Online store I am loving right now: Next

Another online store, that I was actually not so familiar with, that I recently discovered delivers worldwide FOR FREE is the amazing Next.co.uk. Since I discovered that, I have been getting quite a few things from there, so I was pretty surprised now that I noticed that I haven't blogged about almost any of them, with the exception of my Adidas Black Orchid set, that I also got on Next.

Some of the other things I got lately are:
 A Paris themed sweater. Not really so surprising, considering what a huge Paris fan I am...

This black and white pajama...
as well as a matching robe (sooo soft! I really love this robe, let me tell you!)
and the matching slippers.
 I also got a similar pajama in grey...
again with the matching robe...
and the matching slippers!
(You know how I love matching sets, even if only me and my family are the only ones to see these particular sets. So I just couldn't resist getting the whole set each time...)

(on top of all this, I also got tons and tons of stuff for my son, Next is even better for kids than it is for adults, so if you happen to have kids, I totally recommend checking Next.co.uk out!)

And I still have quite a long "to get" list left! (Living outside the European Union, I can't order everything I want in one go, sadly, as that would mean paying a lot of tax whenever the stuff gets here, so I have to order a few pieces at a time)

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