Saturday, June 1, 2013

Shopped: At the ASOS sale

It's no secret that I love shopping at ASOS, but somehow my wish list over there always seems to be so long that I never actually get around to ordering everything I want. And the items that have to wait the longest to get ordered are the rather boring ones. Somehow shopping for a new, pretty dress, for instance, always seems like so much more fun than buying basics and stuff like socks.

So I think their sales are an excellent opportunity to pick such "boring" items up, and that's actually what I've been doing during their sales for a long, long time already. This time I mostly got socks, not that I need them now, living in a super hot and humid country, but I will come fall and winter, and it's nice to be prepared for that in advance. These are the pairs I got:

I also got a pair of white Havaianas that were on sale too. I love Havaianas and have so many pairs already, making these a true staple for me, but for some reason I don't have a white pair yet. So I was happy to be able to pick these up at the sale as well:
(all images are from the ASOS website)


  1. Love socks
    and yours are looking cool.

  2. I am exactly the same at Asos! It's handy getting the boring things in the sale