Saturday, December 3, 2011

Hawaiian print dress from Stella McCartney's Cruise 2012 collection

I think it is because my upcoming cruise is fast approaching, but I have really been obsessed with cruise wear lately. One of my favorite pieces right now is this gorgeous Hawaii print silk dress by Stella McCartney, from her Cruise 2012 collection.
The only problem with designer cruise wear is that it is a bit expensive and at least I have problem wearing these kinds of pieces very often in my every day life. Otherwise I would definitely be getting more of these pieces!
(as for my own cruise wear, I am planning a post on that, so look out for that in a few days if you are interested)


  1. Hey J! Thanks for stopping by to see me :) I am loving Stella M's prints in this collection. Would love to have you as a follower xoxo

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog ~~

    very jealous that you get to go on cruise vaca. Hope you'll have a blast (which u will I'm sure)


  3. I always love Stella McCartney's collections. The dress here is so beautiful.