Friday, October 28, 2011

Thoughts on the Versace for H&M collection

I have blogged about the Versace for H&M collection before, and while it does seem a bit better now that I have seen more of the pieces in it, I am still not very impressed.
In all honesty, I must admit that I have never been a huge Versace fan (their style is just a bit too... flamboyant and obviously sexy for my taste), but still, it feels kind of strange that I probably won't be getting anything from this H&M designer collaboration.

You see, I have at least one piece (usually more than that even) from each designer collaboration H&M has had so far. But this time, I just didn't see anything I really, really liked.

Some of the pieces were just too weirdly designed...

A different color on each leg? Not a very classic look!

... others used the wrong metals for my taste...
The studs seem to be golden, gold never ever works for me, since silver is "my" metal. So anything with metal that I buy, has to use silver or silvercolored metal in it, for it to match my jewelry and hardware on my bag etc.

... while others just had details that seem very unnecessary and silly to me.
I just don't get those chains! And they are golden too!

The nicest pieces I have seen from the collection so far have to be:

A classic leather jacket is always useful. But I have way too many already!

This skirt is kind of cute. Perfect for Christmas festivities! But I feel I have enough sparkly clothes as it is.

This skirt really is classic Versace, and if it wasn't for the cheetah-print (I've never been a fan of cheetah prints, really), I would probably consider getting it, but the cheetah ruins it for me.

So nope, no Versace for H&M pieces for me, for sure!

What do you guys think of the collection? Are you as dissappointed as me, or do you like it?

(the pics are from Isabel's blog)

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  1. I'm curious to see how successful this collaboration will be. Versace, although prestigious, doesn't seem to have as much of an allure as it did way back when. It's way too hoochie for me considering it's such a high-end label! All the things I've seen for the H&M line just look horrible.