Thursday, October 20, 2011

Shopped: New cardigans

I'm weird in the sense that I actually enjoy shopping for winter and fall, because I love cozy sweaters, and more than anything: warm cardigans.
That's why I end up getting a few new cardigans every season. So far, I have gotten the Missoni for Target poncho of course, but also a grey cardigan:

and the same cardigan in black:

None of these cardigans have any buttons or zippers or anything, so I really should get some new belts to go with them, in order to be able to close them up a bit.
Because after getting these cardigans, I realized I really don't have that many belts. I think I just have 2 in total, and I never even use them.

So that's another thing that goes on my "Must get" list!

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  1. I love shopping for fall/winter clothes, too-so much more fabric than summer clothes!