Friday, April 1, 2011

Updating my spring wardrobe

This spring, I really like the nude trend (as in the color, nothing else!) but I haven't really found that many nude colored pieces of clothing that I like, so I decided to get some nude accessories instead. That's why I bought this nude colored bag...

... and these nude flats today, on ASOS. (where the pics are from as well)
There is really no need to change your entire wardrobe based on a new trend, adding small splashes of the latest color is quite sufficient as well, if you ask me!


  1. I feel the same way! Muted basics with added splashes of color are the way to go. By the way, thanks so much for visiting me over on my blog so I could discover yours. It's just gorgeous and I love your style sense!

    Big hugs from Paris and have a beautiful weekend xx

    Camille @ Paris in Pink

  2. I think nude accessories are absolutely the way to go-there's nothing more flattering than a nude shoe!