Friday, April 15, 2011

Looking forward to getting back to shopping

If you aren't married yet, I want to warn you: while planning a wedding, you do not really have to do much shopping for other things that wedding related things (I am not just talking about the dress and shoes here, there are so many other things too, such as the ring you will be wearing FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, eeeks!, presents for your bridesmaids, the proper underwear, wedding invitations, decorations and much more!), so at least I haven't been shopping much while I have been planning my wedding.

Not because of financial reasons, really (even though I am sure that plays a huge part for a lot of people, but I was lucky enough to find most things I wanted for very reasonable prices), but more because you get exhausted from the hunt for all the wedding related things, so I really haven't felt like shopping besides that.
It is the first time in my life when all kinds of fashion items do not appeal to me that much, which has been a very interesting experience.

Instead, I have just been buying things I really, really need, such as groceries, the smallest amount of makeup I can get by with, a new sofa and so on.

But I have to say, I look forward to getting back into my old habits, where shopping was fun, again! Just a month left to go!

(pic from Passagen)

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