Thursday, January 27, 2011

What I bought today

Some Jelly Belly beauty items (bath and shower gels and lip glosses) from ASOS. ASOS are having a huge sale right now, and since I have several friends who love Jelly Belly and their different flavours, I decided to get these as a present for them.

I think this is a great thing to do, all year: if you see something your friends or family members would like, no matter if Christmas was just a few weeks ago and if their birthday is still months away: Get it! This way, you can surprise them with a great present they will love when they least expect it, or save the items and be prepared once their birthdays or other special occasions DO come up.


  1. I do the same! Always have a few pretty cards and bits and pieces around, just in case. x

  2. Little Rus: Good to hear I am not the only one stocking up like that! I honestly do not know how people why just rush out in the last minute do gift shopping! How can you find anything that way?

  3. Those are sweet!! I bet they smell wonderful!! I always buy in the sales presents for everyone, a lot easier!! xx Thanks for the comment on my blog :))