Friday, September 11, 2009

Still undecided

I can't quite decide if I like the long chiffon-skirts Chanel is trying to convince us to wear this winter.
I mean, I love chiffon, especially in large quantities, and the skirts look great in the ad campaign but... are they wearable? Or would anyone less supermodel like look like a complete fool in them?

I really don't know!

(pics from The Insider)


  1. I quite like those skirts, although, I'm not to sure if i'd wear them personally.

  2. i like them in the pictures, but they are a bit impractical for every day life.

  3. HiFashion & Emily: my thoughts exactly. I think these skirts are one of those items that photograph well but wouldn't be as good in real life...

  4. Gorgeous in the pictures, but I doubt I'd be wearing them around on a day to day basis!