Thursday, August 27, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things

I think the jewelry Austrian Frey Wille makes is just awesome. So colorful, so much fun and so unusual.

However, I can't buy Frey Wille where I live, which is either a blessing (because it saves me tons of money) or just simply annoying (because I have to wait until I travel somewhere to get new pieces, since Frey Wille jewelry can be found in several major European airports), depending how you look at it.

But just looking at pictures of the goodies is inspirational too!


  1. Gorgeous pictures and beautiful jewelry - I would _love_ to have either of the first two with that stylized flower pattern. Though I think I'd prefer the wider one. ;)

    Love your blog - such an inspiration! :)

  2. I love bracelets!!!

  3. Those bracelets are so beautifull, i love the first one

  4. oooh, i want one of those bracelets! asap! haha, ohh if only ;P

  5. they are so pretty! love the mix of colors.. they're like artpieces..