Wednesday, January 27, 2016

What I have shopped so far in Hong Kong

Well, besides a hairbrush that I had to get at Muji as I forgot my regular one at home, I have only made purchases at Hermes and Louis Vuitton so far, but aren't those some of the best stores to shop in anyway?

My purchases at Louis Vuitton were some travel books...
and a black simple pochette.
Some might say that is a boring option for your first Louis Vuitton bag, but I actually don't think so at all. I am not very into super big logos, so this is more discreet and therefore more to my liking.

And at Hermes I had to get two scarves of course. I went with the classic 90x90 size.
These are actually my first Hermes scarves too, so they are really special to me for that reason.
This one is called Le Voyage de Pytheas and I love it since I am a big lover of maps.
And this one is called La Maison des Carres and I fell for it since it is kind of funny and has a lot of detail so I feel I will not get tired of it too fast.


  1. The scarves are beautiful !!! I just got my first Hèrmes scarf a few months ago, but it was from a consignment store.

  2. Amazing pieces! I'm sure you'll wear them forever!

    District of Chic