Monday, November 17, 2014

A trend I am really loving right now

(although I actually think it is something pretty timeless, and less of a trend)

... is all the polka dots you see everywhere right now. Without even thinking too much about how many polka dot items you can find these days, I managed to buy two different pieces not very far apart.

One sweater that pretty much looks like these:

And one tank top that looks like this:
(I didn't actually buy the items on these two sites, but the stores I did buy them in don't have websites and I didn't have a chance to take pics of them yet... and they are currently both in the laundry...)

I am also really in the mood to get some more polka dot pieces, like maybe a pair of polka dot leggings?
Or why not a polka dog bag? That could be pretty nice as well!

As long as one does not wear all the polka dot items together, I think there is no harm in owning a few of them.

(pics from Wholesalermart, WeHeartIt, She Knows and High Street Couture Blog)


  1. It is my all time favorite trend!

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  2. Polka dots are forever fashionable!