Friday, February 21, 2014

Today I'm loving...

... something I am sure annoys a lot of other people who are interested in fashion: Moschino's McDonald's tribute in their Fall 2014 show.
The reason I love it is simple: I love when fashion is both unexpected and fun, and who would have ever expected for McDonald's of all brands to be featured in a fashion show? I certainly would never have even thought of the idea, which is exactly why it is so brilliant!

I must admit I am not a huge McDonald's fan so I am actually not sure I would wear these pieces, at least not together like they are shown on the catwalk, myself. But I love the idea of these on a 20 year old who is just getting started with fashion and just has a lot of fun with it, or someone who generally takes a lot of fashion risks!

(images from Fashionista)

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  1. I cant say I was loving this collection lol!