Monday, March 14, 2011

On a serious note

I don't know how much attention the case of Nadia Plesner has gotten in other countries, but in my native Sweden, her being sued by Louis Vuitton because she made an art piece with the intent of making money to donate to Darfur, one of the poorest regions in the world, has made big headlines.

And since I think it is so wrong that Louis Vuitton goes against the trend of charity and charity collections that we have seen in the case of many other fashion houses, I would like to draw some attention to this as well. After all, something similar to their products being used in an art piece, hardly harms them in any way. An artist is not the same thing as a competitor in the same field as them, so I do not see the need to sue someone who just wants to help others.

Read more about the case here and here and here.

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  1. Hi and thanks for the link back to my Nadia Plesner-post. Some people are actually arguing that this is a carefully planned PR-stunt by Plesner. Of course she knew what she was getting into when continuing to create art using Louis Vuittons's bags as motives..