Friday, February 18, 2011

What I shopped today

I got a pair of very classic (yet oversized, I love oversized when it comes to sunglasses) Dior sunglasses in black today. I have been needing a pair of chic black ones for a while now, since I only used to have really colorful pairs, which is nice, but they do not really go with everything.

And I also managed to find all the presents I needed. So yes, I did well today, even though I never had the time to look for beauty products...


  1. Hi my dear-well done, they are fabulous indeed! x

  2. I love oversized sunglasses too - those look gorgeous!

  3. I love oversized sunglasses too...this one is beautiful! I love Dior glasses :-)

    Happy Monday, cheers: Evi

  4. Looks like a successful shopping trip, even if you didn't get to suss out beauty products! I love a classic oversized pair, too!