Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How I prepare for fall

So the time is here... it is almost fall, and we all need to start preparing for it, and just for fun I thought I would share my routine for preparing for fall with you guys.

First of all, twice a year I try to make a bigger effort regarding my wardrobe. I honestly believe that really great wardrobes are not created without a plan, so I try to make a plan for mine before every fall and before every spring.

I start out by looking through some fashion magazines (right now I am reading the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar) to get an idea of the latest trends, colors and such things. While I never follow any trends blindly, I do feel that this can be very inspirational and it's great to get some new, fresh ideas every once in a while.
(I do read fashion blogs and fashion websites such as Style.com on a regular basis too, of course, but since I do that all year round, it really is not something specific for fall or spring)

The next step is to sort through my exisisting wardrobe, and get rid of things that are worn out or damaged or just not relevant in some other way. This is great, because too much clutter in your wardrobe actually makes it much harder to get dressed in the morning. (This is the phase I am in right now)
I also put away all summer clothes, and take out some old favorites for fall and winter from my storage.

Once I have done that I have an idea of what kind of clothing I have to work with. This really helps, since you really can find some forgotten gems while doing this, it's like shopping in your own closet!

This is also helps me make a list of new things I need to buy. I make a list of basic items such as pants, tops, underwear and whatever it happens to be that I need right now, and then start my shopping for fall by buying those things.

After that is done, I allow myself to buy things I love, no matter if they are classic or not (even though I do tend to favor classic items). I know I have the basics covered after all, so I do not need to feel bad about getting some trendy pieces or whatever it is that I happen to fall in love with at the moment.

And that's pretty much it! This has been my shopping style for a few years now, and it really works for me. I know what I have, know what I need and allow myself to get things I adore. It really is the best way, and I truly recommend it!

(the wardrobe pictured is not mine, I am afraid. I wish!
I found it on Vee Vee Waa Waa)


  1. A great lesson!
    I pretty much do the same. Store my summer items, get rid of unwanted items, and look for classic pieces that I can wear over and over again.
    Some trends I follow and some I stay away.


  2. It's been nice to live in SF where the weather hardly ever varies; your closet never requires a change of seasons! While I love a good fashion magazine, my wardrobe hardly ever changes-I wear what I love and know looks best on me, whether or not cigarette pants or full skirts are in style!

  3. Great idea to do a revamp at the start of each season

  4. Almost same things but i think i will NOT buy anything to my closet for this season,i need so much things to my home.


  5. This plan of yours sounds great! I don't put that much thought into my wardrobe, it's much more organic than your way. I buy what I like and then rely on my sense of style to put things together. I think my mornings would be a lot easier if I had more of a plan. There are definitely some holes in my wardrobe that can use filling this fall. I should probably work on avoiding impulse shopping and finding these missing pieces.