Friday, December 11, 2009

They make me smile

Ever since Carrie dissed the Judith Leiber-bag Mr Big got her on Sex and the City, Judith's bags have been seen as somewhat tacky. But I don't care, whenever I see the new styles that come out, they still make me smile as I think they are so cleverly made.

Here's The Beehive and The Package.

(that said, I would probably never carry one of these bags, they ARE slightly over the top, but I still think they are fabulous!)


  1. I LOVE them, so cute, but like you said, so OTT

  2. They totally are adorable....its exactly what I think of, the sex in the city duck or goose or whatever it was.

  3. SOLELY GORGEOUS! I want a JUDITH LEIBER BAG sooo much, every year I put one on my WISH list and I still don't OWN ONE!:))

  4. LOVE love love the package, but wow are they crazy expensive!

  5. Kristin: they sure are! And to think how small they usually are, too! ;)